Monday, January 02, 2006

"Live out your fantasy here with me"

Of course I begin my first post by quoting Madonna from her world number one hit single Into the Groove. In the eternal course of time, you can interrupt the present moment with very few statements that pose a lower risk of disturbing the universe. So yes, I use Madonna to interrupt your fantasy and invite you over to mine.

And she's good for more than that. If I had to account for my past up to this point of posting on a blog over coffee, then I suppose I should include some blurbage about "living the fantasy" and some more about "the groove." What could be a more apt summation of the goings on?

Last night I began my new year at Berlin dance club in Chicago. Berlin hosts Madonna Night the first Sunday of every month, and happily, the rites of Madonna coincided with the holiday. Shortly after midnight, my friend Mark won a copy of the new CD Confessions on a Dance Floor. When the DJ offered the CD as a prize to anyone who could answer his trivia question, Mark knew the answer, but he already had his, so I was the surprise beneficiary. "What Madonna single reached number one around the world but was never released in the US?" Into the Groove. Thanks Mark!


Blogger Aethlos said...

WELCOME. :) So honored to be a link on your first page. You've got a reciprolink on mine! :)

12:15 PM  

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